Rapid  Prototyping


Nothing is more gratifying than seeing your ideas grow and develop. A detailed model ensures that you leave a memorable impression with anyone who sees your idea. By adding life to your concepts through our state-of-the art SLA technology, Veloce can help bring your drawings from conception to reality. Veloce has the equipment, technology, and experience to make sure your design’s prototype will come out as efficient and useful as possible.

RTV Molding & Urethane Cast Prototypes


If you want a prototype that is comparable to actual production materials, RTV molding and urethane vacuum cast prototypes are what you need. We  will produce your prototype in elastomeric or rigid durometer urethanes  (similar to a thermoplastic resin).  The silicone molds are filled under vacuum and can be produced in a variety of colors.  The accuracy and surface finishes of your prototypes will be unmatched.


Painting & Finishing


Veloce doesn’t simply develop prototypes, we create functioning, presentation-ready models. Why not make your prototype photo ready for marketing and sales purposes?  By utilizing our internal and external resources, your prototype will come to life with color and surface finishes that rival a production unit.

CNC Machining


Veloce is committed to taking care of all your prototyping needs. Not only do we utilize SLA and urethane casting technology, we are your source for conventional and CNC machined prototypes. To further save time, we can produce your prototype in plastics and metals directly from your 3D CAD data. You can count on Veloce to produce the highly accurate prototypes you need.

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Whether you have an idea for a product or need a prototype of an existing design, Veloce Engineering is here to serve you.
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