Conceptual Design

Have a rough draft or outline for your invention? Consider the engineering team at Veloce as your partner in creating concepts in the form of 3D electronic models. Through our rapid prototype process, we can evaluate each concept so you can make informed and efficient decisions about your project.

Tolerance Analysis 

Through the use of tolerance analysis we can determine the effect of tolerances on individual parts will have when assembled in the final product. By using a variety of tolerance analyses for the individual needs of each prototype, our engineers will ensure the quality of your final product. We utilize tolerance analyses in combination with Design for Assembly (DFA) and Design for Manufacturability (DFM). The 1D analysis can be performed in Excel, while the more complex 2D and 3D studies will utilize CETOL, a tolerance analysis software that interacts with Solidworks and Pro/Engineer.

FEA Analysis

Stress Analysis – Single and multi-body static and deflection analyses

Thermal Analysis – Steady state analyses will help ensure components function within expected temperature range

Fluid Analysis – CFD analyses predict the behavior of fluids or gases and how they impact product performance

Mechanism Design 

Even the best of creations need to be tested. Let us virtually simulate your product’s component behavior and optimize your idea.  

Design need tweaking? By using specialized software such as SolidWorks Simulation, Creo (Pro/E) Mechanism, and GearTrax, we can virtually simulate the behavior of components in order to maximize design confidence before prototyping. By doing this, we can avoid excess costs and development time by ensuring the prototype design is right the first time.

3D Solid Modeling

Creating 3D models, the foundation of our design process, allows us to visualize your product before a physical version is created. These parametric 3D models will be utilized for rapid prototypes, drawings, engineering analyses and production tooling. Our engineers have extensive experience creating 3D solid models in SolidWorks and Creo (Pro/Engineer).

Engineering Drawings

We have years of experience creating production-ready 2D component and assembly drawings. Our engineers will provide drawings that clearly convey component design intent and tolerances required for proper function to the manufacturer. The drawings are associative with the 3D model, and we can update the drawings easily as the design evolves.

Prototype Development

Our three-step prototype development process:

Virtual Prototype:
 3D CAD models, renderings, motion simulation

 Conceptual Prototype:
 SLA, urethane casting, or CNC machining

 Functional Prototype:
 CNC machined, rapid injection molded, rapid sheet metal

Get Started

Whether you have an idea for a product or need a prototype of an existing design, Veloce Engineering is here to serve you.
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